It’s just my procrastination…

It’s just my procrastination…

Okay, I finally got almost everything in. Draggin my heels, playing spades and literali online. Shame on me but I think that somewhere on my birth certificate is a spot that says, procrastinator. Anyway, I went back to my place, because I left the tickets in my other suitcase. I stayed around, prayed on the place, and just hoped to get “the vibe.” The place feels sooo much like home or a home. The kitchen is ridiculously large for me and great because I love to cook. So, I’m trying to vibe with the place and as I am leaving, I lock the bedroom only to realize that I have locked my keys inside. OY!!!! So, I leave the house, closing the outside door, I try to go back in to get something, and I’m locked of there!! OY VEY!!! So, I go down and pantomime to the old guard in the lobby, who has more platinum in his mouth than a Durtty South rapper. He calls the locksmith, who looks mighty pissed to be called away from what ever he was doing (chewing betel nut?). Unlocks the door and I get my keys and leave. Only to get back to the other place I am at to realize that I still didn’t take certain things. Ahhh, this is why I hate moving.

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