Lookie, Lookie

Okay, so anyway, I am having problems checking my web log in China, I am assuming that it’s being fire walled. Dammed Commies.:) So, if I seem redundant in my regurgitation of my life events, forgive me. So, I took a cab over to a shopping area, called Yan Yung. It’s basically a flea market with all kinds of knock off shit. Here’s the problem with shopping in china. Everyone had the same shit to sell, so eventually after 5 minutes you have sensory overload because you keep seeing the same old stuff. And forget telling the boss that you can get it for a cheaper price because they will gladly tell you to go back. So, while I’m walking around, I get assaulted a bunch of times, with “lookie, lookie. Lady you want watch?” ‘I got bags, lady’ I even had a midget come up to me and ask for money. He didn’t look like he was starving or anything. So, I took the train back to the hotel. The train in Shanghai is ten times smaller than Taipei, and funkier. Hello can we say ban? I got off and get back to the hotel. Off to catch my train to Beijing. The train ride turned out to be rather romantic in my mind. The room I stayed in was for four persons. Luckily I had only one person. He was very kind in wanting to help me put my suitcase on top. But you know me, too damm heavy. So, for 12 hours, I rode in peaceful silence. I decided to journey to dinning car. I met two Indians from Punjab who lived in Canada who were here to import something. I was seated across from Mr. Slurpie who sounded like he hadn’t been fed since, the last Chinese revolution. Once I got to eating and matching his slurping and letting out a good ole Taiwanese belch, he got the message.
I got into Beijing; I had to find a taxi… be continued……


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