Life is good

Okay, so I have been in Xian, China about a week. The weather is better here and much more pleasant than Beijing. The people? Verdict is still out. But I believe the little kids are calling me something along the lines of “black devil”. I can’t make out the words. Anyway, I am living in a room with 4 other college age girls. Two who are in a sorority, one who is quiet and the other one who feels like an outcast. I am sitting back watching all these personalities try to navigate their way around each other as well as in the country. It’s funny. Because on the first day, I made a bet with a guy to see who would be the first to break down due to culture shock. So far nobody, but the bitchin and moaning is beginning to come out. Two people have already had it out (my bet and her roommate) So, we have another bet going on. My Chinese is improving and I am feeling good about that. It’s just I need practice speaking with someone. You know, just conversation. Tomorrow I am going to see a Faye Wong concert, which should be interesting. It will be like being a fly in the middle of butter cream. If I have any problems with being stared at I will have to get over it real quick. But maybe luck will have it out for me and there will be other foreigners there. As for other things about China, it’s smoggy as hell, I haven’t seen the sun in a week. It’s dusty from all the smog. The bathrooms are rank as hell. And people here need to USE mouthwash in a serious way. OH MY GOD, have I encountered some of the foulest breath in my life. I mean this is breath that is beyond halitosis. It’s shit that gives me a headache on contact. It’s shit that would scare Satan. It’s that bad. Otherwise, the food is great. I am scared to go back to Taiwan and eat the food there after eating it here. Cause it’s that good. Other good things about China are the fact they put their bootlegs on DVD’s and they cost about a $1. And Yes I have plenty. It’s almost better than going to the movies. And music here is less than a dollar. Life is good.


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