"I’M on top of the world/lookin down on creation/…."

So, it’s a few hours before I go to Tibet. I am soooo stoked. I can’t wait. I haven’t been this excited about going on a trip in a long time. Which is a good thing because I haven’t been excited about much since coming to Xian or life in general in a long time. Yesterday, I sent of packages to friends and family and basically went out to eat. I have been watching a lot of “sex and the city” episodes since they have all 6 seasons here.  Im in copy  heaven.  The funniest thing also to happen recently is that one of my roommates, got it on in the CCS apartments. Which is a big no=no.  CCS has a policy of no sexual intercourse while here. I don’t know if that means with each other, with the locals, with animals or with yourself. But it was clarified as not to be had on the grounds of CCS. Now when I asked the questioned, oh did I get made out to be the bad guy, but hahaha, how many people have been hookin up. My arch nemesis, made a big stink out it when I did ask, and I told her that people are people and they will hook up.  At my age, I may have not seen it all, but I know not to be naive about people and their behaviors. Funny, and she was the first to hook up with someone. Irony for yah.  Anyway, what makes the CCS sex story so funny is that one of the housekeepers asked a friend of mine  if  a pair of undies found in the living room were hers. She said no, and passed it on to a likely source.   The other source was like “hell no those aren’t mine”. So, then we all put two and two together(cause one person had been MIA since the previous night.) .  I will say that this person has definently brought spice to end of the program.

I am looking forward to going back to Taiwan with great anticipation.  I look forward to seeing my classmates and friends, and spending time with foreigners who “get” what’s it like to live overseas, and enjoy it. I also look forward to getting my fabulous apartment into shape. 

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