Are you there God? It’s me Jennifer….

So, I’m back in Taiwan after my little side trip to China. Now, I have been getting my house together and studying. I didn’t know how well my Chinese would be after this summer, since I think that the Taiwanese speak too fast and incohient for me. But it’s actually stood the test of time. So, I feel much more confident in going about things. Now of course that doesn’t mean I won’t get the “oh my god a foreigner is talking to me in Chinese” stare. Oh I will get that a lot. But something must be accepted and something, well something are something….
It’s been kind of lonely lately for me. I’m in this wonderful rooftop apartment which has great night views, but I’m wondering how am I going to make friends. I would love to have people over now that I have moved somewhere I can do what I love-cook,but I haven’t made any close group of friends in awhile. The most recent friend I had returned to the States, so he could complete his studies. Many of my other aqutances are in relationships, so here I am left to my own devices. This is the changelle of living overseas. Many of the guys here in Asia are quick to hook up with a lovely Asian lady. And the western women, well they fair better here in Taipei than another place. But with a Taiwanese guy, hard press cause they aren’t looking outside their race. And with a western guy? Well, see the above sentence. Also, there’s that thing of hooking up with people cause you are all foreigners in a foreign land thing you don’t wanna do. You run the risk of being with people you wouldn’t be with cause at home, which can be good and can be horrendous which ever way you see it. Lately I have just been prayin for a good school year. How ever that comes. Also, looking for places to find a dog, and thinking about what my purpose in this life is.
And if you are interested in seeing my summer pics…go to www:// and enjoy.

One comment on “Are you there God? It’s me Jennifer….

  1. amera hearts
    August 23, 2004

    i absolutely LOVE dogs! Plus your heading reminded me of the movie called Zoolander!” . . .hello? god? . . . “

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