I feel for ya………….

This is the second time I have to write this blog. So, the pics below are what the Tyhpoon Arie did to my padio last night. Scared, I tell ya of all that wind whippin about and hearing things flyin around. I am glad now that my house is made of conceret cause if the roof had blown off I would have been somewhere else, and that would have been an unnessary visa run.
I know what people on the south-eastern board must feel like now when those hurricanes hit them. I raise my glasses to them, cause I was chicken-s^%t last night. I stayed up and just talked out loud to myself about all sorts of things, but then again that may have been due to the severe cabin fever I have been developing. I was hoping that my father would call to check up on me, thanks dad you didn’t. But today I emerged from my hole, didn’t see my shadow, but only saw crap I have to clean up, as if I had really cleaned up from the beginning of moving in. (rolling eyes) Then my language exchange partner called me, and we had a blast cause he helped me learn some new words and read some stupidly funny article on a local celeb who was photographed sratching his ass…..Oh those crazy taiwanese kids………………..

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