Punxatawny Bob must feel this way….

I didn’t go out today. In fact, I stayed in bed. I tried to get out of bed. But blame it on my new mattress, it’s soo dammed comfortable. I guess, I never really made the effort because where was I going to go? Being that I have no friends to hang out with and call, I just didn’t feel like scooting around Taipei looking for something to do. And you can only study so much. Go to the mall? Oh, I have shopped enough, and spent more money than I should and care to any more. The interesting thing is that I do pray, every day to make friends. I have been praying that same prayer since I was a kid. I have had luck but it never runs long. I have been really praying for friends since I have moved out on my own. I noticed then how much alone and isolated I am. I have gone the way of volunteering and joining groups to make friends, but it seems that along the way, either I have failed at some social manners or just didn’t make the connection. Occationally, I feel suicidal cause I think what’s the point in living if you have no one to share it with. I am planning on getting a dog, but dogs can’t understand the excitement of seeing a great movie. Or go to dinner with ya. Let alone cook you a nice one.

During one of my prayer sessions, I got the feeling to read Psalms 27. At the end it says “Wait patienly on the Lord/Be brave and courageous/Yes, wait patiently on the Lord.” I guess that asking when isn’t waiting patienly, but I would like enjoy my youth…….


2 comments on “Punxatawny Bob must feel this way….

  1. Maoman
    August 29, 2004

    You were supposed to come over to my place for a pool party today, but you never called. I sent you my phone number… There were about 10 of us in total, an even mix of guys and girls, many meeting for the first time, and you would have been welcome.

    Next time, just pick up the phone and make the call. and definitely come to the next Forumosa Happy Hour, September the 8th (Wednesday) at Taipei Sports, just across from the Welcome supermarket on Anhe Road.

  2. Anonymous
    September 11, 2004


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