What we need is some lovin here today……

Okay, this is part 2 of my journal that was supposed to continue from yesterday. As I did eventually get out of bed and go to my school to do some affairs. I returned home and picked up the English and Chinese newspaper. God, when I leave Taiwan I will really miss the Apple Daily. Anyway, I read in the English newspaper that in Congo, since the 5 year civil war, that there are about 30 reported rape cases a week. 30!!! That is too many of us as a human race. It concerns me that there are women there who are not getting the ‘proper’ social and emotional support they should be…

I’m going to be really blunt about this because One= I’m tooo tired to write a long diatribe on what I thinks ;’right’ and ‘wrong’ on what’s going on in the Congo. I was raped in college. And while I didn’t report it, I read these stories and think what is going on with the protection of black women around the world? My bottom line is that maybe we don’t need to reach out to these women but to the men. If we can get the men to remember their own humanity and to own it, then safety of women will be issues that are non-existent……


2 comments on “What we need is some lovin here today……

  1. Anonymous
    September 4, 2004

    May I suggest something radical to the whole way you’ve set up your frame of life reference (as suggested by the humanitarian theme of your blog/posts)? The more you try to hang on to what makes you “human”, the more dissapointed you will remain. Being “human” is what makes us weak. Completely forsaking “humanity” with a Godly replacement is much more fulfilling. That which is “human” has been destined for destruction. It is corrupt and cannot be salvaged. With God’s Spirit you can transcend the weakness of the “flesh”, the “self” and all the other “-isms” that constantly dissapoint. As you are someone who is interested in spirtuality, I suggest looking deeper into what Paul write about in Romans and Corinthians about putting NO CONFIDENCE in the “flesh” … meaning in “humanity” and all the world-bound wisdom that comes with it.

  2. Namahottie
    September 8, 2004

    As a ‘human’ thru my writing I am trying on new hats, so to speak. I have found thru my own journeys thru various religions and spiritual thoughts, that the body is just a vehical for the soul. We all have to ‘find’ our way back to Home.

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