Strokin for love….

Okay, it’s funny in this day in age, that while people on the street are ready to go to war the internet dating ads are full of people looking for love. At my age, it seems that it does get a little harder to come across it. Maybe I’m cynical or just rusty when it comes to matters of the heart.

Looking over the interent ads in Taiwan, its quite funny what people will place on there to find that ‘someone’. Take a look at this ad=

Hi there, this is ^%%. I am pretty open-minded, pleasant, polite, decent and not-so-bad-looking. D&D free and clean. Have no bad habits but smoking.

Dissolutioned/divorced. Used to live in Toronto, Canada. Came to Taiwan to work since summer, 2001. I spend most of time either at work or at home. Tired of the club scenes. Preferred to sit back and relax myself when free. Looking For: Women for Discreet Relationship, 1-on-1 sex, Group sex (3 or more!), Bondage & Discipline, Misc. Fetishes, Exhibitionism/Voyeurism or Other “Alternative” Activities Ideal Person: Pleasant, open-minded, simple, clean, disease and drug free. Good looking, slim / average body figure, large breasts, long legs, shaven, well-maintained. Loves receiving oral. Will go wicked and wild in bed ( not shy ). Enjoys dirty talks. Willing to explore. Race is not an issue to me. And no mind-games please.

Now in the game of love, you think you would be specific in the matters of internal since, I have never heard of someone getting their heart broken over big breasts. But that is the case with these ads. While there is an authentic human on the other side looking for what we all do until the day we die, we still fall for the physical, first.

I wonder if I have an adversion to it because of my own ‘shortcommings’. Living in the states, I found myself comparing myself to standards I never could achieve simply because of genetics. Now, that I live on the other side of the ocean, you think there would be a sense of reprieve from all that craziness. Nope, i find myself now critiqing myself to see if I have ‘what is attractive ‘ in Asia. Oh the hopless insanity of it all.

Sex sells in America, but in Taiwan its the illiusion of the ‘great romantic ‘ relationship. Ironicly here is that most relationships aren’t built on love,but on what one can do for the other. But isn’t that what it all comes down to? Eventually you get to that point in a relationship when it’s important to know what that special someone can do for you. Not in bed, but in other areas that pertain to the moment at question. Maybe I should do an ad like the following=

Single, funny, creative black chic seeks well groomed male. Must be single, willing to do the dishes, put up with my pms, attitude when I am stressed, and support me when life hands me some darn lemon. I love to cook, but don’t ever assume or let on that you want me to do the cooking all the time. If i have to stand my ground on an point, allow me to, and be willing to be quiet about being right until the right time. Forget about opening doors, let me know on a daily basis that I am your heart, and speak to me as if I am the adult I am. Yes, I will turn down sex when I don’t ‘feel’ like it but you are willing to just talk it all out, even when it’s 2 am cause you know and understand that’s it’s important to me. You can do your own thing but make sure that you know that it takes work on a daily basis to make a relationship work and be willing to do that even if my quirks drive you up the wall. Oh yea, im well dressed, nice body and have no debt…..


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