This land is your land, this land is my land….

Ahhhh, it’s that time of the year again. Where nature turns brown, and gold. The squirels all finalize their savings, and the elections begin. Truth be told, I am not remotely interested in voting this election. It’s way beyond voting for the better of the two. A sham and a shaming device to divide the people on the real deal. Here’s proof that this election sucks, and the politicians are desprate. P.Diddy and his “vote or die” campaign. Oprah in her current O mag, reminding me about my ‘duty’ as a woman and black person to remember the power of my vote as my voice. And so on…(rolliing eyes)

In 2000 , whether you voted for Bush or Gore, you saw the democratic system in process in Florida. No need for Micheal Moore to explain, you know your 8th grade goverment test information came back when you saw the Supreme Court place someone in office that hadn’t been fully declared a winner by the voters. So, Bush won, and while I can’t stand him, nor fault him. He’s like that kid black parents always told their children not to taunt, he can’t help the way he is, cause he was born that way. This election, he’s looking pretty good compared to Kerry and his “If I were elected president ” bullshit. Truth be told, niether one look good to me, but it’s beyond the lesser of two evils, it’s come down to who is really reliable with their bullshit.

I almost didn’t vote this election. But given the fact that I am black, I am burdened with the history of Martin Luther King, and gang who fought for this luxcury. I wonder what he would say if he was around today. Would he still encourge me to vote for people who I know don’t entice my intrest? Would he still encourge me to vote for people who don’t inspire in me to see American values as I once knew them? Would he encourge me to vote for people who are not acessable or accountable to the public? Who knows, it’s all speculation and really dwelling in the past.

All I know is that I almost didn’t get to vote this election. While I felt guilty about it, right before my absentee ballot came, I gave up. I decided not to be guilted in to voting because I was African American, or a Woman, or 30 something person with depression and what everelse they use to reach people now. I began to see that voting really was about having a authentic choice. That the very foundation of voting was about being able to vote for some one who had ideals that were in common with mine, or at the very least, vote for someone who could take care of the business that I couldn’t take care of day to day.

I don’t think our politicians realize that. America has grown so expansive and so rich that it’s not nessary to be in touch with the people. In fact, it’s hard to know who’s really out of touch- the people or the politicians. Each are accountable for what is created in America and if niehter is willing to be to be accountable then nothing can be done, or created. What is funny, is that when talking to my father about all of this election stuff, he told me that he couldn’t wait until it was over. I laughed given that I had already exprienced another election this year, half way around the world. In Taiwan, I saw, the lowest one could go to get elected. I saw how dirty it could become, and how the people , again get caught up in other people’s ego’s. My father thinks it’s bad over in America, try combining democracy with the compeling need for Prime Time drama, and see what you get.

I did get my absentee ballet and I will vote. I am hard pressed between writing in a candidate (Oprah) or making some design on the ballot. (suggestions anyone? maybe a nice middle finger?) I just hope that in the coming years, my vote works for me and not against me. I hope that whoever wins the ‘Top prize’ in the world, remembers that they are working for me, and that one day, I can, by law and ideal, come calling for an answer………..

(P.S. Click on the title for a very funny take on the U.S. election)

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