Procrastination is one hell of a drug……

Okay, it’s Nov1 and guess what!!! I did not vote. I put it off and off and off until, 9 pm Nov1 I decided to punch the card(and made sure there were no hanging, sticky, swing, flying chads) and licked the envelope and prepared to go to the nearest Fed-Ex office. But guess what! The offices here close at 8pm!!! WTFFFFFF. So, i took a moment, breathed deeply and let it go. You know what. I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty. I HATE -ABOSUTEDLY HATED the choices I had. And the more I had to think about voting, the more I put it off. Oh, you right wingers, stop your gloating, and you libral pansies, give it a break-anybody is not better than Bush. I hated the fact that I had to choose based upon fear. And that’s what this election has amounted to F-E-A-R. Ever since 9/11 we have been hearing all these things to fear. Pulezzzzzz, I have enough fears to deal with on my own.

People thought 911 would snap us out of our reality tv, suv, double latte low fat milk lives but it seemed to push us deeper. DUH, when has an attack(verbal,emotional, physical) of any kind ever cause a change in someone? If we are to see any transformation-that’s opertive word, not change-we have got to see where we lost our power or freedom of expression or what ever it was that made people really pay attention to those in office. I remember when it was them who had the fear of something in them, not the public. Now, it’s seems all those years of the public using fear to keep those in office in line, it’s their turn to have use fear for their own purposes.

Funny how we make time to do certain things and other things fall to the wayside. I believe its not procrastination but just loss of appeal or intrest or (insert your own excuse). We always beat ourselves up when we don’t do something, with the idea or the guilt monkey on back making us feel that ‘if we don’t do A then B will happen’. True, the law of relativity will apply here, but only if we let it. Procrastination aint the problem, it’s the emotion(s) we arent’ dealing with that is………………….


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