Eyes on the Prize

“I know the one thing we did right,
Was the day we started to fight.
Keep your Eyes on the Prize
Oh Lord, oh Lord.”
African-American Spiritual 
From PBS Documentary “Eyes on the Prize” 

  I tend to feel history blinds people from making informed decisions.  History can create a collective bond which can serve a higher purpose or continue to hand down outdated behaviors.

  At 19, I discovered the PBS documentary “Eyes on the Prize” when it first aired, by accident. Profound, moved, disturbed, grateful and astounded are simple words I can use to express my feelings about this show. What a collective group of people did with courage and fortitude over 50 years ago, to make it possible so I have the freedom to make an informed choice, makes my decision to go to the Iowa Caucus not to be taken lightly.

  I must admit I am going into this experience jaded about the electoral process and look forward to talking with Iowans who are engaged and bearers of the responsibility of making a decision which has an impact on our nation.  From them, I hope to gain a sense of understanding of politics. I want to glimpse the essence and hearts of people who are working for a higher purpose and listen to stories of those who have seen the past and have promise for the future.

  I want to know there is still possibility for leaders who inspire, and who remember their service is for a greater good. The same possibility Martin Luther King and others envisioned when they endured opposition, so I might have the right to vote.

  The last election I witnessed was in 2004 in Taiwan. That process was manipulative and lacking in freedom. Dec. 27 marks a year back in the States for me. Preparing for and going to the Caucus, I am looking forward to appreciating what it really means to have freedom.  Freedom to choose different from what history has dictated in the past and freedom to make history.

  I am filled with gratitude toward those who are making this experience possible, so that I can keep my own “eyes on the prize.”


One comment on “Eyes on the Prize

  1. prattevmd
    December 29, 2007

    a wise white man once said “that there is nothing new, only history that has’nt been learned!”

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