Could Mc Cain Channel Reagan?

After Jan 31 Democratic debates, a TV female commentator asked the question I believe has been on everyone’s mind—If Hillary Clinton were to win, could she ‘control’ her husband’ [sic]. Which brings to mind the influence Ronald Reagan seemed to have on Jan 30 GOP debates.

“I’m proud of my record as foot solider in the Reagan revolution,” said Mc Cain to a question on tax cuts. Mc Cain said the GOP lost the 2004 Congressional race because party members had become “disenchanted” with the spending done in Congress. During the Reagan library debates, Mc Cain said he was “proud” to be apart of the Reagan administration fight to cut spending. This should be a warning sign.

Where did Reagan do most of his serious cuts during his tenure? On social programs. During his tenure, his tax cuts impacted social programs that dependant upon income generated from those cuts. The first of many social programs to be impacted—social welfare.

The first major step toward rolling back opportunities for those not lucky enough to be born into wealth took place when he signed the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA). OBRA served to cut federal funding programs for the poor as well as inducements for states to provide funding. Unfortunately, cutting funding for programs was not enough to revolutionize the welfare programs in the way that conservative ideologues desired. In order to completely undermine the progressive system of entitlements to the poor, the Reagan administration began to use tax reform as a method of undercutting welfare.

Ronald Reagan, Budget Cuts, Deficit Spending and the Deconstruction of Social Programs

Reagan also assaulted several civil rights programs, appointed Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, and was slow to sever ties with South Africa. If Mc Cain was proud to be a Reagan foot solider during all this, the question that begs to be asked, is there a uncompleted agenda from the Reagan era Mc Cain will seek to complete?

According to Project Vote Smart, Mc Cain is willing increase defense spending, decrease taxes for those in lower income brackets and greatly decrease the inheritance tax. He wants to tackle the immigration problem by creating tight border control. It’s difficult to see where Mc Cain would be actually cutting pork barrel spending and being able to sustain certain social programs.

Perhaps as a foot solider, Mc Cain learned how to tread softy, if you’re going to carry a big stick.


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