Thought #1

When winter comes, so does the ebb of life. Sitting in my apartment I can hear the rain fall, tapping on the frozen water along the gangway beside my apartment. It is in this season where I am faced with a tried and true lesson about life, how to move forward when things seems frozen.

What can melt away those ‘frozen’ times, is remembering the blessings that surround us. Or the positives. I love to focus on the “what’s wrong” in my life. It’s habitual, it’s apart of my rearing, it’s cultural and it’s easy. Yet, it’s redundant. If the small “winters” in my life are to give way to life “springs” then I have discovered I could use the time to fertilize my dreams, hopes and aspirations.

The way seems long and slow, but I know it will come faster than I thought it would. It would be nice this year to see my inner being matching the beauty spring will herald in.


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This entry was posted on February 5, 2008 by in Thoughts.
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