Guns bring more Roses

Illinois pro-gun supporters hit their blogs , posted on websites and forums this week to point out if NIU hadn’t been a gun-free zone, the killer would have been stopped.

Of course, to support their argument, they trotted the usual concealed-weapon theory.

Let’s do the math.

I have a concealed weapon, but of course the law says I have to leave it in my car. Johnny Deranged comes in and starts blasting away, and kills two. He’s going for more, but I get back in time to stop him.

Fug it, I’ve never been good at math. Let’s ask the presidential candidates.

Barack Obama spoke since he was a former constitutional law professor at University of Chicago. I didn’t find anything from Billary or Huck-a-gee (I think I can win), and John McCain, dodged this one quietly. Any questions from the press, and his conservative detractors about his purported pro-gun control agenda, may have outshone his East Coast victories.

Since he has been in Congress, McCain has voted yes on key issues concerning gun control, yet he maintains he is not pro-gun control. Dr. John Lott , former University of Chicago professor and author of More Guns, Less Crimes, writes McCain “has support central positions of gun control agenda” even in some case authoring the proposed legislation.

Surprisingly, not one of the blogs and websites I read had one strong, Democratic or Republican, opinion involving the candidates.

I guess crazy doesn’t need a political party.

I did find online petitions to allow concealed weapons, a state bill (IL HB1304 ), and how many counties are passing resolutions for concealed weapon rights (69). When the House reconvenes on Feb 20th, I wonder what representatives Jim Durkin, and in particular Aaron Schock , (R-92nd district and co-sponsor of HB1304) will have to say.

If you’re interested in gun control in Illinois, sign the Brady Campaign petition .


One comment on “Guns bring more Roses

  1. karlbecker
    February 18, 2008

    You seem to be good at pointing out the obvious, but have you provided any solutions?

    You obviously don’t like guns, and are well within your rights to feel that way. That’s what makes this country great, isn’t it? Free thought coupled with free speech.

    Still, calling people crazy because of the choice (or lack of) of candidates they have the option to vote for seems somewhat immature. Go ahead and promote more gun control, but if you can honestly say that preventing law-abiding citizens from purchasing/possessing guns will prevent criminals from doing the same and back it up with anything substantial, my hat is off to you. You will have done what no legislator in this country has been able to do yet.

    If there is a better option available at this stage in our society than allowing people to protect themselves from those who would walk into a classroom and open fire, I’d love to hear it.

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