Thought 8#

It’s 11:35 p.m. and I have just spent 24 hours of my life creating and writing a web page presentation for my international class. This semester my courses are requiring blog entries as a form of writing. When the semester first started, a cohort inquired about the international class, and as I told her about the blogging part, she stopped me mid sentence and said “You’re blogging about blogs?” I couldn’t help but laugh as she asked with such seriousness. It’s understandable that I would use blogs to a extent to write in the course. Hopping on a plane to Africa to cover Kenya’s election troubles, would be nice, as winter has gotten the best of me, but not realistic.

So,yes, I’m blogging about blogs, and finding out that quite a few others do it too. So much for revolution from the citizens who could actually go out and get a true opinion or post a correct fact about an ongoing issue in the news. Rather, America has moved from public discourse to CTRL+C AND CTRL+V (for those who aren’t techo-savy, it’s cut and paste.) I’m wondering how much of this liberating other’s words for a personal blog doesn’t tread into the plagiarism territory. It doen’t take much to lift some eloquently written prose and form a few sentences around it. People don’t want to do much digging and word of mouth is still king for anything. So, linking a few blogs to yours ups the possibility you’ll get at least one more hit that’s not coming from family. And it’s hard to create something that stands out in billions and trillions of bites.

So, I guess until writer’s blocks are banshished, OPPs(other people’s posts) will be cool.


2 comments on “Thought 8#

  1. damyantig
    March 11, 2008

    Yeah, this disgusts me…blogs which quote a few lines from somewhere, and the day’s post is done.

    A little bit of originality wouldn’t hurt.

  2. namahottie
    March 11, 2008

    True true. But I should have also mentioned that it’s ok in some cases if you’re bittin’ to quote someone. But then again that’s why we have links and widgets :))

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