Thought #12

I thought I would go to a job fair to see about getting a start on a job and/or internship for the summer. And I got hit with the dreaded “You’re a late bloomer” conversation. Of course, a lot of the interviewees were in their early to mid twenties, but at 36 and several years of living abroad and being a teacher, going back to school still doesn’t seem to erase the stain. Arrrgh. I don’t need someone to tell me I’m a late bloomer to know that. But I had to laugh at it all. At the mixed messages America sends to its kids while their in school. Learn a second language and you’ll be marketable. Travel or live abroad and you’ll have international experience. All the meanwhile, most companies are actually looking for some geek who’ll increase their web hits or even create the next big thing since Google.

Yep, that’s what they don’t tell you in school- That you aren’t going to educate yourself and be able to compete in a competitive workplace. Rather you’re going to learn the competitive workplace so that you can educate your boss.


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