Thought #15

I’m up and can’t sleep. So surfing the web I come to BNTM or Britain’s Next Top Model.  I was struck at how more congienial these girls were compared to out-of-the-gates-back-biting/hatin’-on-each-other they were compared to the American show. But then I then I had a Ah-Ha moment. How we are teaching young girls ,no matter how hard they try, how good they look, they are never enough. These shows with their hip muzak and slick editing cuts and slight but “honest” barbs from judges who mind you have been in the biz for several years and have loads of experience and training under their belts, take 13 young girls and demoralize them for entertainment. Of course, the girls/women aren’t without fault, yet, who can say they had much wisdom at the ages of 19 to 23, especially when it came to the pursuit of happiness in the form of a dream?

I don’t know many people who can be willing to call being rejected over and over a dream, let alone a sign of character. I don’t even know if being judged can actually qualify you for something worthy in the long run. But I do know that if any of these so called judges on these shows call themselves feminists, they may want to rethink their definitions.

It must be hard to raise a daughter in times like this. Having to compete with educating them and allowing them to retain something that is uniquely them. For these shows are aimed/marketed at the tween/teenage years where beauty is paramount and should any young girls watch these shows, they must leave with some impression that they must not make the same “mistake” that the contestants do. But therein lies the trap, what is the mistake? How their beauty could kill their chances for happiness in the form of material gain?

Even with Hillary Clinton making a hard earned educated effort to take the world’s highest office, during her campaign she has had to undergo a gauntlet of criticism  relating to her own femininity. I wonder if women, the bearers of life, which is about is close to perfection as you can get will ever see that they are enough.


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This entry was posted on May 27, 2008 by in Thoughts.
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