Thought #17

Quite a few blogs and faux websites are out there giving plagiarized advice on how to stay positive and reinvent yourself during these times. Most are crappy ad-filled ones that have the seizure-induced flashing ads of “can you kick the paper through the two fingers” ads. Or my favorite, OH MY GOD!!! in that auto-tune voice that sounds like a computer on helium which blasts through your speakers and surprising you. (Hopefully, you aren’t drinking coffee when it comes on). It’s going to take some creative measures to find work during these times. And creative thinking, also.

On, lilj, an eHow Member, posts a couple of good ideas. This is one that stood out for me:

Step 1: Have a party. Call it a “get me a job” party. It really doesn’t need to be that formal, just a get together with friends. Whatever you are comfortable with. Start a list of all your good and marketable qualities. Use this information to create a resume. Put together a cover letter too, and tailor them to each job you apply for. Have several local papers lying around and invite the others to see what they think you would be good doing. Ask your friends to look on the internet for you and email you job possibilities. It could be a game, a contest. Suggestion: The one who picks the job you get, wins a lunch on you when you get your first paycheck.

This is pretty good and hopefully you have a group of serious-minded friends who can not let the alcohol consumption out pace the advice giving. I can only imagine writing “a great” cover letter for a position you’re dying for under the influence, firing it off, and only waking up the next day to re-read it and it’s more like your postings on Facebook about a night out on the town. Safe to say, drinking and writing is about as dangerous as a DUI.

Also, hopefully you have a few friends who are good with the adjectives and know your work. Sometimes it helps to hear what others see about your contributions, abilities and gifts. It’s easy to forget some of the “smaller” gems as you try to sell the ones that will make you stand out in the crowd. No friends? The bust out the thesaurus and do it yourself. It could give you some moments of brevity from the job hunt, as you have a few chuckles while trying on new descriptions of yourself.

As you try to revive yourself, try CPR: Cheerful, Positiveness, Resuscitation. You’re familiar with this if you’ve had to look for work before. Exercise, eat right, keep a clean house/space, network, etc. But what I like about this blog post are the three little words. It’s like you could create your own mantra from it, perhaps even incorporate it into your cover letters.

Dear Hiring Manager,
I’m doing CPR on my career-Calling People (to) Respond. Will you?

There’s always enjoying the time given to you by your pink slip to explore all those career avenues you didn’t have before. I found this to be a rather luring job promise: living six months free in the Great Reef and blogging about it.

The successful candidate will be asked to keep a blog and photo diary in exchange for six months rent-free on Hamilton Islands part of a $150,000 salary package that includes return airfares and travel insurance.

Blogging while on the beach sounds delicious, but hopefully you’re not the only one there. As they say, if it’s too good to be true then you’re gonna be working harder than you ever imagined.The key I’ve found to positive thinking, is that it’s not always “positive”. But rather an expansion of how you see things. During this time find creative ways to shop, to interact with loved ones, or do what you love to do but didn’t have time to do it before. Explore your world with new eyes using your skills and hopefully it will strengthen you, leading you to new adventures.


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