Thought #18

After braving the Windy City cold to do some Saturday bargain grocery shopping, I walked to the bus stop to go to my cold home. The bus had hardly pulled off when 3 youths ran beside it, banging the doors to get on. They got on, didn’t pay their fares and proceeded to push their way to any open seat, the smallest one cutting me off from taking the seat I had my eye on.

I stink-eyed the little fart, who had taken that sorely-needed seat and observed him pulling out several packs of Orbit gum from his three-sizes too big and dirty winter coat. Not only was he good at jacking seats, but gum from the local Walgreens. Breathless, they began their loud bragging to strengthen their comradery.

“You see how she tried to grab my sleeve. I was gonna tell her back off me beetch!”

“You know, you know, I was gonna jack somethin but she…”

“Youse wasn’t gonna take nuthin.'”

Laughter. A seat directly from the gum snatcher opened up and I sat, continuing to observe and be subjected to their conversation. My IPod had died an hour earlier. The little one began to unwrap a pack of gum, he tossed the wrapping on the floor. Pissed, I told him to pick it up since he had the nerve to steal it. He paused and looked at me as if I were the fool.

“Ohhh, she crackin’ on you. Whatcha gonna do?

“You picked up too.”

“I’m gonna leave on the floor next time. [She] Talkin’ to me like that.”

Of course, the only problem here was that I had broken the unspoken rule of reprimanding someone’s problem child as if we still lived in a society which gave a fuck. Other passengers were zoned out, with the requisite “too tired to care” expression for CTA.

I got to my stop and shook my head with irony. Here, four days after an African-American had been elected to the highest office in the land, three young boys seem to be oblivious to what’s possible. And,yet, in the mist of the American love fest, the destiny to eventually do time was still alive and kicking for these three black youth.

I talked with a male relative about it.

“Human behavior is hard to change,” he said. “Everyone is having this major orgy. And you know it’s like bustin’ a nut.”

“Um, I’ve never ‘bust a nut’,” I said.

“Well, my point is– You’re still the same person with the same problems after the glow has worn off.”

I wonder if Prez O is aware of that….


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