Thought #19

So Blago got the boot. Quite fitting the Illinois state clowns did it during a recession. As I listened briefly to Blago appeal to his fellow crooks in nature
I got the full sense of his aria, the song of a dying pol’s career. He knew he was going down, as he conceded to in a post kick-out press conference, but rightfully so, I thought, not without a fight.

Listening to all the politicians give their various “reasons” for kicking out of office brought back to mind a passage I once read in “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. He writes about Abe Lincoln before his presidential days. See, once good ole Abe became a practicing lawyer in Springfield, Illinois, he took the time to attack his opponents openly in letters published in the newspapers. Of course, you can only do this so much, before someone comes along and calls you on your stuff.

So Abe, criticized the wrong politician. A politician Carnegie describes in the book as “pugnacious.” Well, Abe taunted him in an anonymous letter and of course the politician’s hubris was wounded. When he found out Abe was the author, he challenged Abe to a duel. (Should be brought back.Cheaper for the taxpayer’s) Lincoln didn’t want the duel but couldn’t get out of it. So, he trained and on the appointed day met with the politicians. But fate, would have it and the duel never went on. This taught Lincoln the power of the tongue, perhaps Karma, and never again did he go on to criticize anyone, at least in public that I am aware of.

Blago seemly avoided blaming anyone in his “speech/swan song” to the Senate, yet, continuously tried to hammer in the fact that his fellow pols could be setting themselves up for a similar situation. Of course, when you’re safe and watching the most popular bully/kid/hated on personality go down in flames, you aren’t thinking of that. Each Senator/Rep had their own personal agenda in impeaching Blagojevich, ones we won’t see until the next election day.

It should all be interesting to see what the new Gov revokes (free bus rides for old people is on my bet list 2 to 1) and how the vultures in Springfield swarm around for scraps.


One comment on “Thought #19

  1. dailyearthnews
    January 30, 2009

    here is something related to recession, hope u’ll like it….

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