Thought #21

Lately, I have been hearing an awful lot about how bad marriage is. I’ve never experienced it, so I’m willing to take the naive plunge. But a quick look on CNN’s website drew my attention to two stories and all I could see was how ironic life can be.

Amy Borkowsky asked Americans (or anyone with an internet connection) for $3 million to buy an ad for the Super Bowl. Borkowsky, a NYC comedian, is looking for love and thinks she’ll find Mr. Right by airing a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl. First, it’s obvious Amy doesn’t have any male friends or has been in a relationship during sports season. Why she thinks a guy would pay attention to ad,(at least one that didn’t have T&A in it) especially during one of the BEST Super Bowl games in a long time, shows she doesn’t know men or hasn’t done her homework. A quick look at Twitter during the breaks revealed that most men looked up from their nacho plates and stopped their best-play-of-the-down discussion when ads displaying physical humor (Pepsi Max) or the trailer for a favorite movie(Fast and Furious/G.I. Joe/Transformers).

On the other side of the world, 10 -year-old Nujood Ali has taken Gay Paris by storm. For what? She bravely walked out on her arranged marriage to 30-year-old loser. Since being in Paris, Ali has been talking to all the right people about the impact of being a child bride. She intends on becoming a lawyer, presumably to assist others who have had to endure such suffering.

In the land of milk and honey, a single woman must ask for money to get the word out to get married. And on the other side of the globe, a single woman/girl is “given” money to get married. And while Borkowsky has seemly  bought into the idea that marriage is some sort of Shangri La, Ali expressed this to her interviewer:

“…Nujood sat back in her chair, crossed her arms and said bluntly, “I no longer think about marriage.”

You know marriage is a sad state when a 10-year-old is sworn off.


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