Thought #22

Dear Mr. Pres O,
I watched your lengthy news conference tonight and it’s evident that you like to talk. Even more so, like to hear yourself go on and on about your big plan but talk in plain English. I have a master’s, therefore I’m educated. Not Harvard educated but I can read the New York Times without the dictionary, on occasion. You went from why we got into this mess (ohh, and skooled one reporter !!!) to how some little school in Arkansas rattles every time a train goes by. I don’t think you understand the concept of short, complete answers.
And from the time before you took office to now, your idea of job stimulus has gone from 2 million to 2.5 million to 3 to now 4. I’m waiting for you just to say “Aw, fuck it. Jobs for everyone. Even the Enron fools.” And what happened to all the optimism you had during your campaign. Everyone is so concerned about you breaking campaign promises, I’m more concerned about your attitude lately. You went from pumping us up with “Yes we can” to now “It’s gonna a difficult year.” WTF man, you’re just blowing the high, most of your zombie legion had. Now, they’re close to walking around with a dazed look in their eye. You better start having some rallies for positive attitude adjustment.
So tomorrow, your Treasurer is suppose to explain even more of your plan because you didn’t want to preempt him. Oh boy, that’s gonna be even funner. That’s gonna be like going to MIT for a lecture when you’re still in the 10th grade, and failing in basic math. Are there ever gonna be any cliff notes?

A confused voter.


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