Thought #23

OHH baby-bye were my feet killing me yesterday. I spent the whole day doing something I love–shooting video but I spent it at the Chicago Auto Show. One, it was like being a diabetic at a Willy Wonka factory. Being surrounded by such beautiful cars, and not being able to drive away with one ain’t inspiring. I’m tired of taking the CTA. CTA just plain sucks and if I was willing to take the risk, I would get a loan. But alas, it was a sad feeling, to leave at the end of the day, with sore feet while walking past a BMW.
The auto executives are not a group of happy campers, at least this year. They must have gotten some sort of memo before coming. There was very little smiling. Very little interaction with the press. Very little food and very little joy. In the mist of the largest car show room I’ve ever been in, only one man had any happiness and he worked for Rolls Royce. (Nice cars to just sit in by the way.) Otherwise the event was boring, especially by the 5th time I had heard another overpaid, old white stody executive read from his teleprompter that “even though we are going thru these difficult times, our car was rated #1 for having some sort of doohicky that makes it go faster than you need it to in 35 mph areas.”
From what I understand, in prior years, the unveiling to the media was flashy and fun. But ever sense the big three car executives got whipped by Congress for asking for money, there’s been a halt on the party. Evidently, it never was much of a party, because I’m thinking even if you did get egg on your face, you could at least have a sense of humor about it.

Or a good attitude. That’s something you can never put a price on.


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