Thought #24

Would some please tell how networking became a necessary evil? It is just plain evil to have to endure an evening with people
you wouldn’t want to work with in order to find work. I just attended a Media Bistro event, and it was horrendous. People only
wanted to mingle with those who they came with, and those who did decide to let you partake in their conversations about themselves and how grand they are doing during this economy, were not so grand. The blonds stayed with the blonds or with their brunette wing ladies. The CEOs were scoping out the room and I actually had someone tell me that I should move on from our conversation only after 2 minutes of small talk. The only entertainment I had was observing a 6’3” transgendered woman continuously drink red wine while propping her foot up on a cocktail table as if she were at a rodeo.
After burning off the steam at a local hot dog joint ( free events don’t have appetizers) I walked to the CTA, got home and desperately wanted a cigarette to relax. But, alas I’ve given that up in an attempt to now join the adult world.

If it’s anything like what I witnessed tonight. I rather stay under the covers.


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