37 years and still manifesting…

I’ve manifested for 36 years and as I add another year, I think what can I manifest this year. I’ve never done this before, but I’m devising a list of

37 things I would  like to manifest before I turn 38. In the meantime, I’m going to list 37 things I can be grateful for, as that’s the hip thing to do

as you turn older.

1)Good health

2)Funds to make it thru another month

3)food in the fridge

4)having lived overseas

5)My MacBook Pro

6) Having an education

7) Not being saddled with kids and no husband

8)My dreads

9) My faith in God

10) Joel Osteen

11) My pastor, Joel Taylor

12)My mother and her accoplishments

13)My mother pushing me

14)My cousin, Elizatbeth Dishman

15)My dog

16)My feet

17)My vision

18)My education

19)My camcorder

20)My love of books

21)Living in America

22)Being born in Chicago, the best city in the world

23)Silence, sometimes

24)Having been to HK 16 times

25)Having been to the Great Wall, solo

26)Having loved once, even if it was puppy love

27)Having been loved once, even if it was puppy love

Okay I’m short 10  but that’s all I can think of and perfer not to lie about what I’m grateful for when I’m a crabby mood…..=)


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