Thought #20

Ah, the Christmas of sports just came and went yesterday. The Super Bowl. And for two hours and the first time enjoyed myself watching two teams that had no relation … Continue reading

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Thought #19

So Blago got the boot. Quite fitting the Illinois state clowns did it during a recession. As I listened briefly to Blago appeal to his fellow crooks in nature I … Continue reading

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Thought #18

After braving the Windy City cold to do some Saturday bargain grocery shopping, I walked to the bus stop to go to my cold home. The bus had hardly pulled … Continue reading

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Thought #17

Quite a few blogs and faux websites are out there giving plagiarized advice on how to stay positive and reinvent yourself during these times. Most are crappy ad-filled ones that … Continue reading

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Thought #16

In the summer of 2008, I attended the UNITY conference in Chicago. It had to be serendipitous that the largest minority conference for journalists was being held in my city … Continue reading

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Thought #15

I’m up and can’t sleep. So surfing the web I come to BNTM or Britain’s Next Top Model.  I was struck at how more congienial these girls were compared to … Continue reading

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Thought #14: The Dark Night of the Soul

You Enter Midnight Alone, and not wishing to be, unable even to express yourself to others, you enter midnight and the greatest intensity of the dark night. Here you have … Continue reading

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